Three Fine Cooks Boutique Catering is excited to announce the opening of a grab & geaux micro-market, Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux.  Located at 534 Fleming Street, Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux is the island’s newest micro-market offering freshly prepared, house-made dinners with a healthier twist.

Each week, Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux will unveil a new menu of pre-prepared meals, that can be pre-ordered for up to ten people or just grabbed on your way home from work or play.  All meals are portion-controlled and made with high-quality, all natural ingredients, complete with nutritional values right on the label.  There will be meal options for all chosen and/or required lifestyles including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, allergen-free and low glycemic meals. However, there will also be splurge meals that showcase the rich, unique flavors that Three Fine Cooks Boutique Catering is commonly known for. Most of all, the meals are ready to heat & eat, with little-to-no preparation on your end…the perfect (and convenient) way to end your busy day.

In addition to prepared dinners, Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux will have daily offerings of soups, salads, sandwiches, and snacks – perfect for a grab-and-geaux lunch or mid-afternoon treat.

Danni Becker, owner and chef of Three Fine Cooks Boutique Catering & Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux has been dreaming up this ‘dinner to-geaux’ idea for quite sometime. “My clients would regularly ask me if they could just order weekly meals from me. They are just too busy to worry about cooking every day of the week, but they are looking for a wholesomeness that takes a little more planning & thought than just a regular meal. I knew I could provide the perfect solution…and thus, Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux was born.” With the opening of this new micro-market, Three Fine Cooks Boutique Catering continues to thrive, providing top-quality, unique catering for all of your party needs. Becker adds, “ Three Fine Cooks To-Geaux is simply an extension of what you have grown to love from Three Fine Cooks with a twist… providing unique daily meals that are healthier on purpose, delicious by design.”